Puss N' Pooch Safe Retreat

  • Malaysia    Animals, Refugees, Rescue
Raised So Far MYR 1,732

Puss N' Pooch Safe Retreat

Discover the heartwarming stories of Puss n' Pooch Safe Retreat (PPSR in short), a sanctuary formed in early 2022 by a mother-and-son team passionate about rescuing and nurturing abandoned dogs and cats. With years of experience, Madam Chan and Dr. Edwin Sam have dedicated their lives to creating a safe haven for these furry friends to rest, play, and be protected. At Puss n' Pooch Safe Retreat, you'll witness the incredible bond between animals and humans and be inspired by acts of kindness. 

PPSR Paws Angels is our platform to raise funds. Embrace your love for animals and the environment by supporting Paws Angels! This platform has found a unique solution to two problems at once: non-recyclable plastic waste and stray animals in need. We create beautiful and eco-friendly 'Ecocreations', kokedama plants and more; all funds go directly toward caring for the furry friends who need it most. 

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