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Founded in 2012, Danvi Laxshman, son of Thila Laxshman diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3+, was the inspiration behind the rise of Pertubuhan Sayang Malaysia. Since then, Thila Laxshman has dedicated herself to PERSAMA to ensure we achieve our objectives and goals.

We aim to grow the awareness and understanding within our community and society generally of the unique challenges faced by individuals within the Autism Spectrum, especially those from low income families. Our mission is to offer an integrated approach to ensure support, capacity building and outreach actions to beneficiaries, parents, other primary caregivers, professionals and the community at large.

Thila Laxshman, a well known personality for her vocal as a singer, master of ceremony, co-actress and a producer in the Malaysian Tamil entertainment industry has always been actively involved in community services since a young age. This interest has brought her closer to servicing special needs mainly Autism and has also driven her to create a platform to boost awareness amongst our community.

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