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KOMITED Malaysia (Komuniti Intervensi Dadah Malaysia) or DiC Malaysia (Drugs Intervention Community Malaysia) which was established in 2001, is a registered non profit Community Based Organization (CBO) initiated (ROS PPM- 014-06- 05092001), Tax Exemption status(No LHDN ; 01/35/12/51/179-6.6369) lead and run by former Substance Users.  KOMITED Malaysia’s main goal is to address the issues which is related to substance use and HIV / AIDS  as well as to cater the needs of those directly infected and affected by the issues. 
- The One Stop Centre Model –  One of the very few CBO’s offering holistic comprehensive approach and strongly believes in continuum of care and services which emphasis on client  needs.


To reduce stigma and discrimination
To create a safe social environment
To instill the collectIve  meaningful responsibility between Malaysian private, public and civil sector

Sustainable Social Impact
To explore and improve the beneficiaries well being
To empower the beneficiaries well being sustainability
To emerge the agent of change among the beneficiaries themselves

Organization Sustainability 

To be self sufficient organization in providing the services

To ensure the initiatives sustainability

To hit the best quality of intervention for the beneficiaries

All By 2030, in line with Malaysia Strategic Plan Ending AIDS 2030 and United Nation Sustainabilty Development Goal 2030