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Kejora Karimunjawa started with local and International parents wanted to improve access to quality education on the island. Our vision is to make Karimunjawa a true paradise on earth, not only regarding nature, but by providing the community with a promising future. This will be done by facilitating educational programs for local children and aduts, improving access to quality learning, environment and health. In 2022 the focus of Kejora Karimunjawa will be 'Language School' and 'Kids Playgroup'. Will you help us to support and make a donation so quality education is available for everyone in Karimunjawa?

Kejora understands that local competence in English is essential for the growing tourism industry in Karimunjawa, to enhance locals and tourists experiences as well as to, for example, reduce common misunderstandings. Kejora is planning on providing language classes, both group and private, primarily in English and Indonesian, to local school children and those working in tourism, expats and the wider Indonesian community.

  • To provide extra-curricular education to children
  • To increase employability for young adults within tourism on the island
  • To improve local teachers skills through training


  • Free English language courses for children aged 7-12 years old outside of school hours in a variety of locations in Karimunjawa & Kemujan based on specific needs.
  • Beginner and advanced English language courses for Young adults working in tourism according to their occupation (receptionist, waitress, cleaners, tour guides, driver etc. ) offered for a very small contribution
  • Free English teacher training courses to provide local employment and professional teachers from Karimunjawa.

Future plans also include literacy classes and access to learning a broader range of foreign languages.

To keep the focus mentioned above sustainable in the long term, other activities are also organised by the language school that generate income:

  • The expat community in Karimunjawa is expanding, bringing further business, employment and community-based initiatives to the island. Privately paid classes in Indonesian and Javanese can encourage mutual understanding and support the integration of expats into the local community & accelerate healthy cultural exchanges

  • Language & Cultural Packages for Indonesians or foreigners who are living on the mainland and are interested in a package where learning a language is combined with cultural & tourism activities for an intensive two week period


Children are born active learners. Kejora is committed to developing educational programs and teacher training that are aligned with current global education standards. There is a lot of research that supports child-led learning, which empowers children to systematically explore, experiment and discover the world around them. Through this process, children have the opportunity to engage in play in a meaningful way that helps sustain their attention, regulate emotions, stimulate creativity and overcome childhood adversity. For a child, playing is learning and should take place indoors and outside. Although there are already a number of playgroups running on the island there are limitations.

Teachers on the island are paid per student, and have next to no access to training or professional development. This leads to overwhelmed classrooms, frequent teacher absences and ill equipped teachers. Another limitation is the common belief amongst parents that children must sit quietly in a classroom in order to learn reading, writing math and science. This is simply not true, and has actually been shown in the research to negatively impact children with anxiety, negative feelings toward education, as well as impaired brain and body development.  

Activities in the Kejora playgroup will integrate local traditions with a play-based curriculum that is grounded in the latest educational research and meets Indonesian education standards. Age groups will be mixed as children learn well from each other. To respect the cultural norm of parents accompanying their children, while promoting children’s autonomy, parallel training and activities for parents will be established. We hope to use the Kejora playgroup as a model for other PAUD’s across the Karimunjawa archipelago. It is ultimately our goal to empower local teachers and local schools to update their curriculums so that they can be better equipped to support student and teacher learning.


  • To promote play-based learning pedagogy that assists in the healthy development of children’s academic, physical, mental, emotional and social skills.

  • To open a place-based learning program that operates in partnership with the local PAUDs and has indoor and outdoor activities that are designed to promote exercise, play and learning.

  • Offer first aid training, swimming lessons and courses to help promote skills-based education amongst adults in the community.


  • To create a simple, transparent program curriculum that clarifies learning objectives to parents, so they can understand how play-based learning works and participate in their children’s education.
  • Train local teachers to lead our play-based program as after school activities with kids from the local playgroups. This will be done with alternating classes of 20 children aged 3-6 currently living on Karimunjawa’s mainland.

  • To provide play-based professional development opportunities to the current 32 playgroup teachers and implement those skills in the 10 playgroups across the archipelago, reaching 400 children.
  • To offer parallel First Aid Training, Swimming lessons and other courses that support parents.

We are so grateful that, thanks to your donations, we can provide a promising future for many families in Karimunjawa.

Kejora Karimunjawa
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