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Kejora Karimunjawa

Situated 70 kilometers north of Java, Karimunjawa is a gem of an island archipelago, where tourism is rapidly growing, but where educational facilities and English language proficiency are scarce. Awareness of these challenges has led to the initiative of establishing a foundation to improve educational opportunities and to increase English language proficiency among the local population. Various educational projects have been initiated, including a bilingual preschool for children aged 3 to 6, English courses for children aged 7 to 12, and Hospitality & English courses for adults working in tourism. The Kejora Karimunjawa school (SPS Kejora) is officially recognised and legalised within the Indonesian education system. Currently, Kejora Karimunjawa is successfully running three educational programs, one fundraising program and is in the process of establishing new education programs.


This is a bilingual, nature-based school for children aged 3 to 6 years, currently with 27 students. At this school, children learn fundamental skills and concepts such as language development, social interaction, basic math, creative expression, and physical activities. Additionally, there is a focus on fostering curiosity, promoting independence, and encouraging a positive attitude towards learning.


At the Kids Language School, children learn the basics of the English language in a fun and interactive way. Through games, songs, stories, and other creative activities, children are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process. The curriculum is designed to align with the interests and developmental levels of the children, allowing them to learn English speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a natural and enjoyable manner. This not only improves their language skills but also boosts their confidence and enthusiasm for learning a new language. Currently, 22 students are enrolled in the Kids Language School.


At the Adult Language School, 62 young adults learn English based on their professions. Whether they are a tour guide, receptionist, waiter, driver, or have any other profession, students receive personalised English language lessons tailored to their specific needs and professional environment. They not only learn the basics of the English language but also practical and relevant vocabulary, expressions, and conversational skills that are directly applicable in their workplace. The lessons are interactive, with a focus on improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. We use realistic situations and role plays so that students can communicate confidently in their professional roles.


  • To add an additional classroom to accommodate more lesson programs and welcome new students.
  • To provide more scholarships to enable financially disadvantaged students to access quality education.
  • To expand school facilities such as a teachers' office, a multi-lingual library, and a transportation vehicle.
  • To establish programs targeting foreign tourists to increase donations and to create a steady monthly income for the future sustainability of Kejora’s programs, with an additional room for these activities.
  • To focus on community involvement in all aspects of Kejora’s programs.


We are especially looking for monthly donations to support scholarships. For more information about the scholarships check our website We also have a WISH LIST for one-time donations Click here to read more about our WISH LIST. In whichever way you decide to support Kejora, know that your donation is going to a worthy cause; inspiring, supporting and raising consciousness within the island’s future generations. Support us now and become a Karimunjawa Hero!

Email: [email protected]
Tlp : +62 822 2317 5792

We are so grateful that, thanks to your donations, we can provide a promising future for many families in Karimunjawa.

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