Hunger Hurts

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Hunger Hurts

Hunger Hurts is a non-government organisation registered under the Registrar of Societies (ROS) under the name of Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Membasmi Kebuluran Malaysia.

Mission: To systematically reduce the rate of urban and rural poverty in Malaysia
Vision: To see a poverty-free Malaysia

Hunger Hurts dedicates itself to ending urban poverty in all major cities in Malaysia, one city at a time through our various initiatives, projects and collaborations to tackle the pressing problem of poverty from all angles. We focus our efforts on our three key strategies, which is provision of basic necessities, education & sustainable solutions for beneficiaries, as well as advocacy on the issues surrounding poverty.

With youth empowerment being one of the major drivers of our strategy to reduce poverty, Hunger Hurts strives to focus on efforts which would lead to the improvement of the lives of our beneficiaries while at the same time allowing our volunteers to gain experience & exposure in the realm of volunteerism & activism.

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