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Hans Andersen Club

給予孩子從故事中學習的機會 Give an opportunity for children to learn from stories



我們相信故事可以感染孩子,裝備孩子擁有良好品格,從書本中學習,啟發思考及創造力。 有趣生動的繪本故事可以為孩子帶來不一樣的童年,藉故事進行品德教育,但基層孩子缺乏資源,一本故事書有時都是奢侈品,因此安徒生會提供繪本借閱,又有免費的故事伴讀活動,期望以此推廣閱讀及促進親子關係。

Hans Andersen Club was established in 1963 to support underprivileged children to adapt to a knowledge-based society through storytelling services, reading resources and various trainings.  

Donate now to let underprivileged children continue to learn and enjoy free storytelling services.
We believe that stories are a means to move children, equip them to have a good moral value and the ability to learn. Books can inspire children, enhance their thinking and creativity. Interesting storybooks can bring a different childhood to children. Moral education can be done through stories. However, underprivileged children lack resources. A storybook is sometimes a luxury. Therefore, HAC provides storybooks borrowing and free storytelling activities, hoping to promote reading habit and foster parent-child relationship.

You can set up your own personal challenge. For example, say thank you to your family everyday? Walk a thousand feet?  With your compassion and creativity, set up your personal challenge now!

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