Fundraising for Breast Cancer Foundation and Daughters Of Tomorrow

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Fundraising for Breast Cancer Foundation and Daughters Of Tomorrow

Great Eastern Cares Fundraising Challenge The iconic all-women’s run, Great Eastern Women’s Run (GEWR), returns this November 2021 virtually. Run anytime, anywhere during the clock-in period (14 November to 15 December). The start line is anywhere you want it to be.   As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to help give back to our communities, we are launching the Great Eastern Cares Fundraising Challenge for both our corporate and agency colleagues to help raise funds to support 2 Women-related charities –Daughters Of Tomorrow and Breast Cancer Foundation.

Funds raised will be split equally between the 2 beneficiaries.
Our Beneficiaries
Daughters Of Tomorrow Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a local charity seeking to empower women by helping them achieve financial independence and meaningful employment to support their families. All funds raised will go towards supporting underprivileged women in their back-to-work journeys.  
Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) is a social service agency which advocates for the early detection of breast cancer and supports the low income affected and the breast cancer community in Singapore. Established since 1997, BCF actively raises awareness on breast cancer through talks, events and publications that advocate for early detection through regular screening. BCF also supports those affected by breast cancer through various programmes, support groups and befriending activities. BCF is a registered charity in Singapore and seeks to raise funds through the support of donors and partners.

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