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Raised So Far IDR 17,295,852


DARE THIS INDONESIA (legal name "Dedikasi Tjipta Indonesia) is based in Makassar, Indonesia. Our aspiration is to contribute to sustainable social, economic and ecological development in communities with a focus on vulnerable and marginalized people. 

Vulnerable and marginalised people are particularly at risk from social and economic inequalities and negative environmental impacts. This group includes people with disabilities, people affected by leprosy, HIV/Aids, poverty, climate change and disasters, in particular women and children. We aim to work in partnership with marginalised populations towards an inclusive, equitable, healthy and sustainable society.

DTI works in three areas: 

  • Disability with sub-unit Leprosy; 
  • Environment, Climate Change and Disasters; 
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health.

Through our sub-unit Leprosy we are closely working together with PerMaTa, a Disabled People Organisation (DPO) of persons affected by leprosy.

We are thematically connected to Dare This Cooperative, an international organisation with its head office in the Netherlands.  DARE THIS stands for our key areas of work in Disability, Accessibility, Reproductive- and Sexual Health and Environmental Sustainability, and for our commitment to work as a Team for Holistic, Inclusive and Sustainable solutions. The DARE THIS platform helps partners and experts to link up and work together for inclusive and sustainable solutions.

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