Ang-Hortaleza Foundation, Inc.

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Ang-Hortaleza Foundation, Inc.

Ang●Hortaleza Foundation Inc. stands as the link between Hortaleza Group of companies: Prime Global Corporation, Prime Global Finance & Tayo Direct Sales in the exercise of Corporate Social Responsibility on programs of community enterprise development, education, environment and community service. The unanimity of the Companies founded by Dr. Rolando & Dra. Rosalinda Hortaleza’s strengthens the realization of its vision.    
     We shall uplift the socio-economic condition of the society we serve.  

MISSION: 1.  Promote self-reliance, productivity & local entrepreneurship through income-generating livelihood program. 2.  Support Education through vocational technology. 3.  Upgrade the socio-economic conditions of our small & medium enterprise through entrepreneurship program 4.  Uphold good values & generate awareness through public service campaign. 5.  Foster community development through environmental efforts. 6.  Assist the needy through charitable endeavors.  

GOAL: AHFI aims to improve the lives of the society we serve by providing employment and business opportunities to Filipinos through a community enterprise development program focusing on entrepreneurial skills.

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