For my birthday and until the end of August, I am planning to raise AUD350/RM1000 for Refuge For The Refugees, an organisation that provides grocery aids to refugees.

My Story

I’ve always been outspoken in my support for the refugees, especially in time where refugees are met with a lot of hate. I don’t only see it in Australia and how refugees are kept in detention centres that are really horrible condition that children themselves commit suicide (ABC, BBC, Human Rights Watch). I see it in Malaysia as well where people who were once outspoken in their support for refugees have become ugly in their actions and words, and anyone who speaks up about it gets demonised (NST, Al Jazeera, Malay Mail, ABC). It is so bad that in my support and standing up for refugees to receive basic human rights (which should be a given and not something to earn), I’ve had people harass me and send me death threats on social media.

The refugee and migrant communities in Malaysia are amongst one of the most vulnerable groups of people who receive little to no support during this pandemic. Many from these communities have lost their jobs and now struggle to put food on the table for their families. While there is a problem with the treatment of refugees in Australia where I am currently residing, it is my responsibility and privilege the majority in Malaysia to do what I can to help my own country. 

Refuge For The Refugees is a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness regarding the plight of refugees in Malaysia as well as provide education for refugee children. They are working together with other organisations such as Tenaganita, Dapur Jalanan KL and Liga Rakyat Demokratik for this project, and their donors, volunteers and strategic partners include the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, IMPACT Malaysia and BMW Malaysia.

Recent Donors

  • Widia Jalal


    AUD 50 08/12/2020 12:41:41 PM UTC

  • Halimatunsa’diah Abu Ahmad

    Happy birthday Sa. We’re very proud of you 💕💕💕 from Ayah Long & Mama Long

    MYR 200 08/12/2020 05:48:42 AM UTC

  • Yusof King

    Happy Birthday !! U have great spectacular heart.. May Allah grant ease to u & things u do. So proud of u

    MYR 150 08/08/2020 05:02:18 AM UTC

  • Katreena Bacatan

    AUD 50 08/07/2020 05:48:29 AM UTC

  • Joey Ho

    AUD 30 08/07/2020 03:33:21 AM UTC

  • Inessa Arif

    AUD 15 08/07/2020 01:44:43 AM UTC

  • Tien Nguyen

    AUD 60 08/07/2020 01:01:02 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    AUD 25 08/06/2020 11:19:52 PM UTC

  • Halimatunsa’diah Abu Ahmad

    Happy birthday from M.Uda, Adam & Aidan

    MYR 100 08/06/2020 01:41:39 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    You're doing a great thing. No better birthday gift than this!

    EUR 25 08/06/2020 01:03:53 PM UTC

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