Autism is getting widespread in Malaysia and the last count there are 300,000 cases in 2018. Unfortunately , there are still lack of awareness of what we can do to help in Malaysia. I am raising this fund to assist National Autism of Malaysia to provide more facilities to assist families in managing their love ones with autism and also to raise awareness on how we can do better to help , to support and to reduce stigmatism. Help the awareness and your little contribution helps.

My Story

We probably have heard about autism through social media or even through some movies or tv series highlighting autism. However, nothing come close until you really experienced what a family goes through in handling this matter for person with autism.

On March 19, I decided to try out the new Putrajaya MRT line. It was filled up as it was a free ride month on this new line. At one station from Serdang , a parent with 2 teens walked in and I immediately noticed one of the kid is not walking properly and fidgeting. Immediately I sensed the kid is with autism.  The parent and his brother immediately moved him to the side of the door and surrounded  him as no one seated actually gave way for the family to seat his autistic son.  Maybe they didn't know or just.

Throughout the first 20 mins journey, I witnessed how the parent and his brother continued to hold him back and at times struggled as the kid gets distracted occasionally.  I could only imagine what this family is going through and only they know.  Some may comment why bring the kid out and that is why awareness is very lacking here in Malaysia. 

It was there I realized how little do we actually know about the family that cared for the autistic. The ones we saw on movies or tv series, they don't tell the real situation and at times oversimplify it. 

There are help available to assist families to manage the autistic situation eg counselling treatment or special trainings but most of these families are not able to afford or unaware of such facilities. 

Family with autistic person is a problem but the key problem is us not knowing what we can do better to support or help. 

Your kind contribution in any form goes a long way to assist them.

Thank you.

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