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Please sponsor me to continue studying to break out from poverty

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I'm a student trying so hard to strive to have a degree and a better future, so that I can break away from poverty. Family is not that rich and recently, all our money was stolen from people who scammed our money away. Now I'm having difficulties to even feed myself and sustaining myself to pay my college fees. 

This year is practically the worst year in my life. Having to go through so much ordeal where seeking justice can get us no where. What more punishment do we need to get. My family now can barely pay my tuition fees, let alone other expenses to try live.

I know what I'm asking is not worth asking for, but to me, it is everything. My future is at stake and I want to continue to learn. I don't want money to be the burden that has led me down towards poverty again.

Please sponsor me to continue my studies. I have tried part time jobs but is not enough to pay the whole degree course. Please do sponsor to encourage me not to give up on education.

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