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My Story

Hello, I'm a 42 years old full time house-husband, lost my job since September 2021 due to end of contract. A week after I lost my job, my wife had a major stroke. She was paralyzed whole right side. Cerebral hemorrhage. After she was discharged, she was infected by stage 2 Covid. For 3 months she had to consume food via straw. Took her 6 months to get back on her feet.

Unfortunately since I lost my job, I couldn't get enough support for her, especially on the financial side. I have rental bills and other commitment to deal as well.

She had her stroke while she was visiting her dying mother in Kuching Sarawak, unfortunately she didn't get the chance. She had to undergo a compulsory quarantine of 2 weeks in a hotel provided by the government during movement control order. Her mother passed away on the second day when she was warded.

I had to asked around for help from friends and former co-workers to get me there from Seri Kembangan (our home). I had sold all my photography equipment just to save for expenses. Because at the same time I'm also in need of medical treatment since I had pneumonia 4 times the last 10 years and was also infected by stage 4 Covid last December. However, I can still manage to take care of myself. But right now, the main focus is my wife.

We're living just the two of us. We do not have children of our own. We're both orphans.

Since we do not have any source of income, living daily lives is difficult for both of us. It's depressing thinking about how can we survive this. My wife needs therapy. It has been long overdue. During her treatment with government hospital, they only provide medicines. There was no physiotherapy (while in Sarawak). They only suggested minor exercises. My wife is not getting any better.

Last May, I was able to bring my wife back home here in Seri Kembangan. So we continue our treatment here at government's local clinic. Unfortunately, it's not within expectation, not even basic. 

We went to get second opinion from private clinic, since the one we're seeing now (government clinic in Seri Kembangan) is really not helping.

My wife has difficulty of speech, walking and can't even remember her own birthday.

I managed to get a physiotherapy session with local clinic (private) near our home. The specialist recommended for months of therapy, however I could only afford for 10 (hours) sessions which cost about MYR 1000. This was in May 2022.
We had changed her medications 4 times the last 10 months. First, not compatible, second was overdosed, third she easily get weaker/sleepy and unable to comply with physiotherapy, now fourth is back to first prescription. And we found out that the side effect causes fatigue and it's not avoidable. She has to take it. As per doctor, decreasing dosage or switching brand will not change anything. 

Please help us so my wife can undergo the treatment that she deserved. Also need to acquire supporting equipment to help her with daily routine. Especially diapers. We don't even have supplements to help with her nutrients requirement.
We also need help with daily expenses like groceries, paying utility bills and rental. Your donations is highly appreciated.

Thank you for spending time reading our story. 

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    Prayers for you and your wife Rie. God is good 🙏

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    Stay strong during this trying times

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    Get well soon…

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