Hi, I am Tianna. Come breathe and flow with me as we nourish, mind, body & spirit. By donating and coming to my zoom yoga class, you're helping refugee children access better education & brighter future!

My Story

Nourish mind, body, spirit with Tianna

Breathe, flow and restore more balance, harmony and peace. Let go all that does not serve you. Rejuvenate, Reset  and Recalibrate back to your true essence, authentic selves as you nourish mind, body and spirit. An ALL LEVELS yoga class suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Level.  

Available classes:

Sunrise Flow
Thursday 18th February 7.30-8.30am 

Heart Opening Flow 
Tuesday 23rd February 8.00-9.00pm 

To receive the zoom link, please donate a minimum of RM30 (per class you want to attend) via the donate button and make sure that you allow us to see your email address when submitting the donation. (anonymous donors will not receive zoom link and class access)You'll receive the link 1 hour before class begin, then just join in and have fun!

About Tianna

Tianna is a certified RYT500/E-RYT200, Holistic Yoga and Transformational Coach, Founder of YogDaan Yoga (RYS200 yoga school & retreat centre based in Himalayas), a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Angelic Sound & Intuitive Energy Healer, Light Worker, Singer/Songwriter, and Musician.  She infuses elements of breathwork, meditation, intuitive movement, sound, mantra and energy healing to recalibrate back into harmony, balance & peace and connect to our true eternal divine, authentic selves.

Our Fundraising Goal - MOVE FOR HOPE

There are currently 36 families enrolled with the school Hope Learning Centre, all of whom need stable internet connectivity, so our aim is to raise RM 70,000 so we can provide them with the services they need for the this year 2021. 

Head to our main fundraising event page for more information -->

Recent Donors

  • Sudershan Chettri

    With lots of Love! ❤️

    MYR 350 02/22/2021 03:07:44 AM UTC

  • aina iswadi

    MYR 35 02/18/2021 06:53:18 AM UTC

  • Zamri Raman

    I love you Tianna. To the moon and back. To the Sun and back.

    MYR 50 02/17/2021 12:36:06 PM UTC

  • aadhya Kakar

    Thank you Tiana for being you!

    MYR 111 02/17/2021 09:29:19 AM UTC

  • flora ei

    MYR 300 02/17/2021 07:26:01 AM UTC

  • Edmund Foo

    MYR 30 02/16/2021 11:53:14 AM UTC

  • Becky Naughton


    MYR 300 02/15/2021 11:39:23 AM UTC

  • Anne Harwood

    With love 💕

    MYR 300 02/15/2021 11:20:37 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Take care!

    MYR 38 02/15/2021 09:20:21 AM UTC

  • Hardev Kaur

    MYR 30 02/15/2021 08:20:11 AM UTC

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