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Hello, we are students from Diploma in Information Technology Year 2 Sem 1 Group 1, of Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT) Penang Branch. For our civic consciousness and volunteerism project, we will help raise funds for Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital. 

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Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital is a not-for-profit, single discipline cancer hospital which aspires to bring God’s healing presence through the best and affordable cancer treatment, diagnosis and care. We share the global mission of the Franciscan Missionaries of Divine Motherhood, to provide high quality and compassionate care to all persons regardless of nationality, belief or financial status with compassion, respect and integrity.

Donations to the cancer hospital are instrumental in ensuring that it can continue to provide essential medical services, innovative treatments, and a supportive environment for patients and their families. Making a donation for the cancer hospital is not just about providing monetary support; it is about joining hands as a community to make a significant impact. Let us stand together, hand in hand, and be a driving force of positive change in the fight against cancer.

Donating isn't the only way to support, sharing our cause to others is also greatly appreciated. 

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    Sending lots of love to the ones that has lost their family due to cancer <3

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