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We're competing in this event to support Splash Foundation in their efforts to provide swimming and water safety courses for underserved communities in Hong Kong.

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Splash Foundation believes that everyone should have the chance to learn to swim. With this in mind, the charity runs free adult swimming programs for migrant domestic workers and refugees, as well as programs for kids from low income communities. To date, a group of 80+ volunteer coaches have taught over 1,600 people how to swim and be water safe. Read more about Splash's impact here:

Please consider donating to Splash so the charity can achieve its goal of providing 5,000 people with the opportunity to swim and be water safe by 2020. We also invite you to come watch the Splash Dash Relay on March 31 at 10am, where our Morgan Stanley team will compete together with two Splash graduates (who just learned how to swim) to see how many laps we can complete in 30 minutes.

Morgan Stanley team members include Florence Cheung (Firm Management), Yolanda Ho (Marketing), Lucy Reid (Technology) and Trish Hayward (Corporate Affairs). Both Lucy and Trish are Splash volunteer swimming coaches.  

Recent Donors

  • Ying Lam

    Go Trish, Yo and Florence!!!!!! Add oil!!

    HKD 600 30/03/2019

  • Jason Wong

    Go Lucy!!! All the best

    HKD 200 29/03/2019

  • Richard Banning

    HKD 500 29/03/2019

  • Monica Chan

    HKD 200 28/03/2019

  • Lucy Reid

    HKD 1,000 24/03/2019

  • Chong Jerry

    HKD 500 23/03/2019

  • Joe Cheng

    HKD 800 23/03/2019

  • Lai Fan Wong

    HKD 200 22/03/2019

  • Michael Chu

    HKD 500 15/03/2019

  • Tim Bryant

    good luck this weekend!

    HKD 500 08/03/2019

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