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My Story

I have been involved with the Asia Center Foundation (ACF) on Phuket, Thailand since 2010, through rugby coaching, and helping with fundraising and awareness for their work.  With the help of all my rugby mates around the globe, I want to raise 50 000 AUD (1.25 million Thai Baht) for a rugby pitch at the Asia Center Foundation’s new school building project. They are building a school for disadvantaged children. You can see that the school building is already taking shape. This is a really exciting time for the Asia Centre Foundation and I am keen to add to the momentum. Once the pitch has been financed and ready for use, I want to invite all donors who supported the effort to an opening ceremony. Coaches can coach, and those who simply donated can look around the school and witness first hand what a remarkable achievement this has been. Your support can make this happen. A donation of just 2 AUD converts to 50 THB. Please dig deep and make a much needed donation and I promise, the “first usage party” will be a “ripper”!
Mike Penistone   

Recent Donors

  • Irena Nebenzahl

    THB 6,000 01/20/2019 09:44:57 AM UTC


    AUD 130 01/16/2019 08:55:56 PM UTC

  • Irena Nebenzahl

    Good Luck Mike

    THB 2,500 10/24/2018 04:53:53 AM UTC



    AUD 50 10/24/2018 02:09:28 AM UTC

  • Irena Nebenzahl

    Congratulations to all at ACF

    AUD 750 10/18/2018 06:07:21 AM UTC

  • Will Eggleston

    AUD 100 09/15/2018 01:35:36 AM UTC

  • St Pius X Supporters Rugby Club

    Very happy to contribute to such a great cause in helping others. Keep up the great work Mike.

    AUD 500 09/14/2018 01:14:11 AM UTC

  • St Pius X College Rugby Club

    AUD 350 09/06/2018 03:21:40 AM UTC

  • Margaret Johns


    THB 15,300 08/31/2018 03:07:22 AM UTC

  • maggie johns

    Congratulations Mike. Hope you reach your target. Well done

    THB 1,700 08/31/2018 02:59:27 AM UTC

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