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I am Meranda, I am turning 9 on Jan 15th. Its my birthday wish to help the rangers who are saving the forest and its animals, especially tigers. Instead of presents, I wish you can donate to WWF.
Thank you very much.

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  • Michael Adams

    Hi Meranda. I've just finished watching a TV show, got inspired and really wanted to donate something to help conservation efforts involving Tiger. The WWF has a minimum one off donation limit that won't be affordable for alot of people during this tough time. So I was searching online and found your page. I've decided to try and share this with the aim to make your (belated) birthday wish come true and raise some money for the Tigers. Hopefully this works🤞

    GBP 15 04/19/2020 09:47:29 PM UTC

  • Jie Yu Teo

    SGD 25 01/15/2020 08:22:46 AM UTC

  • Keira Chia

    Happy 9th Birthday, M! Very happy to support your birthday wish.

    SGD 188 01/15/2020 07:57:23 AM UTC

  • Kelvin Lui

    SGD 30 01/04/2020 02:40:33 PM UTC

  • Caitlyn Wee

    Supporting Meranda's wish!

    SGD 20 01/04/2020 09:07:06 AM UTC

  • Jiu Jiu

    SGD 50 01/04/2020 06:10:07 AM UTC

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