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Loan to Mrs. Reatrey Nov - Rice Farmer in Cambodia

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About Lending Project

Reatrey is 28 years old and she and her husband have been as farmers for eight years and they have one kid, aged 6 years old who is at the local school. Reatrey is taking out a loan to buy better seeds and tools to farm more efficiently and to increase their crop yields.  

Reatrey and her husband have are farming rice on 13 hectares of land. They grow 'short-term / dry season' rice which they could harvest twice a year. They yield 4-tons per hectare. When there is free time from their rice farming activities, Reatrey's husband also works as construction worker at his local area to earn additional income. 

Reatrey and her husband have applied for a loan in order to purchase seeds, insecticide, weed killer, diesel for tractor to plough the land and also to cover additional labour cost during harvesting. Part of the loan is also used to purchase a water pump for rice irrigation during the dry season. They aim to pay back the loan over a period of 12 months.

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