If you are seeking the opportunity to spread love and help for those little paws in need, then we are glad to tell you that the chance is here.

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Hello everyone! We are students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology College (TAR UMT), Penang Branch Campus, Penang, Malaysia. We are currently taking our course in Diploma in Accounting, the batch of Year 1 Semester 3 Tutorial Group 6 students. We are going to launch an online fundraising project called “Little Paws Fundraiser” from 20th March 2023 until 7th May 2023, targeting to raise funds for a total of RM1500. Our objective is to help those cats that are suffering. Furthermore, the raised funds are to be donated to a non-governmental organization (NGO) named Pertubuhan Pembela Kucing Pulau Pinang to provide those cats with a better life. Eventually, we hope that we can spread love and help together for those little paws in need. Thanks a lot!!!

P.S.: For more information, please follow our Facebook page, <> and Instagram page, <>. 

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