I will be participating in the Long Ducker 2023, and running at the MacLehose Trail in Tuen Mun for 8km on Saturday 18 March. Please support me by donating to the charity. Thank you!!!

My Story

Long Ducker is one of the charitable traditions taken from Harrow School in England.

Every year at Harrow UK, boys, teachers, Old Harrovians and parents combine to organise and undertake a charity sponsored run, the Long Ducker. Symbolically, it takes place along one of John Lyon’s roads, the Harrow Road from Marble Arch in central London to Harrow.

The Hong Kong version now takes place along a 15.8km route on the MacLehose trail that runs immediately behind the School campus, with alternative shorter routes that allow participation of pupils and their families from the youngest in Early Years to the oldest in Year 13, both walking and running.

The run is followed up by a huge community celebration at the School, showcasing the talents of our vibrant community. Friends of Harrow coordinates with parents to deliver an amazing range of international cuisine, setting the scene for a lively carnival atmosphere in the afternoon. The authentic food and drink, live music laid on by Harrow Hong Kong performers, and fun, games and activities all contribute to a relaxed and enjoyable day out for the entire School community.The School aims to continue the charity tradition of Harrow School in England, and further develop our charitable support to make a difference in Hong Kong and around the world.

This year, I am so fortunate to have become a member of the school's cross-country team, and earlier this year, together with my teammates, we won the team championship for the school in the ISSFHK U12 Boys Cross-country. In addition, this term, with the encouragement of my mother, I participated in Hiking as an extracurricular activity at school, which increased my interest and confidence in running in the countryside. Therefore, through this event, I would like to take the chance to improve myself in the endurance and running skills in the countryside, and help in raising funds for the others in need in Hong Kong and in the world. Thank you very much for your support!!

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    Way to go, Sum! Keep up the good work💪🏻Proud of you!

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    澤森, 加油!

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