Help the kids in need in pursue of education. By giving them the tools to access online learning. Targeted to specific children that came from B40 families. We can help and raise awareness to others since the pandemic hits us, most of us have to adapt to entirety of the new normal. Most of them lacking the right tools due to accessibility on these devices may out of their reach. By giving them the opportunity, we can help them shape their future in education.

My Story

I came to join "Speak Up" because I have always love to involve and helping school children in any way possible. Not just to guide them but to lessen the gap between students in different stages of learning. During my time in primary school, I always wanted to engage with students in tertiary level. To make friends and to see what is real life on their point of view especially on education. 'Speak Up' reminds me to stay connected to education industry and get to know secondary students on their level of thinking, how their mind works when dealing with problems or how to deal with them in general. Keeping in touch with all generations could teach us a thing or two in knowing how the real world and real people works. I lost my father during pandemic, in 2020. I lost myself for a moment trying to switch my thoughts on dealing with lost and grief. As what he thought me to always do good and always help people in need. Hence, that is why I am here. To continue my father's legacy on doing good deeds to everyone, especially towards students, children that are in dire need of good support system. Let us band together and support this good cause. Give them a proper tools to learn. 

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