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I'm making a difference by raising money to raise awareness of the food being wasted every day and the people in Hong Kong who are not having enough to eat every day. Please support me by donating instead of getting me birthday gifts!

My Story

So as I am stepping into the wiser and prettier 30s, I will start counting down 30 hours before, by fasting! Since most of you should know I am a big lover for food and I can eat an insane amount, I hope this could just bring a little bit more awareness to the daily food waste.

So this is how it goes.. From 12pm onwards on 9th March, I will challenge myself by only drinking water for 30 hours. My daily activities will go on as normal and I will probably minimise my mobility to avoid the feeling of hunger. I will keep a regular update of my state within this time frame till 6pm 10th March. And please try not to tempt me with food. 

I hope this can bring a little attention to the amount of food we waste every day. And thank you for your birthday gifts/donations in advance! 

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    HKD 100 08/03/2017

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    HKD 100 01/11/2016

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    HKD 300 10/03/2016

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