We can make a difference. We must make a difference. Donate to fund quality education and provide basic necessities for refugee children.

My Story

I am Kainen. And this is the story of how I came to set up this fundraiser:

In my pursuit of a higher education and of a future career pathway, I realise that I am enabled by education - enabled, empowered and emboldened - to make decisions for myself, decisions that will ultimately carve out a pathway for me and help me find my place in this world.

'Education is the key' is a cliché because it is true; yet, for some, education is a privilege, and not a right. For marginalised communities like refugee children, education is not a given. Due to the lack of governmental efforts and legal frameworks on this matter, it is up to us to ensure that these children are provided with quality education, amongst other basic rights and necessities.

How could we allow ourselves to live in a world which deprives children of the basic right to quality education? How could we allow any child to thread through this world without the opportunity of acquiring skills and knowledge from education? How could we say that we are educated if we do not try to provide educational opportunities to others?

This is why I set up this fundraiser - to provide quality education to those who are brushed aside by our government. Your donation matters, however small, because collectively, we can ensure that the basic rights of refugee children are met, and secure a bright future for them even amidst individual and global challenges.


Recent Donors

  • Kainen Lee

    Thank you to all the 22 donors who helped me reach and exceed my fundraising goal! Happy new year and hope everyone has a wonderful 2022 🥰🎉

    MYR 15 02/08/2022 02:42:09 PM UTC

  • Shawn Tang

    All the best !!!

    MYR 20 02/07/2022 12:28:50 PM UTC

  • Tan Kuan Teng

    All the best!!!

    MYR 10 01/26/2022 06:50:50 AM UTC

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    MYR 101 01/20/2022 10:41:24 AM UTC

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    Let’s go !!!!! Reaching 1000

    MYR 20 01/19/2022 01:11:00 PM UTC

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    All the best 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

    MYR 150 01/19/2022 06:26:51 AM UTC

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    MYR 20 01/18/2022 12:42:22 PM UTC

  • Adam Loh Cheng

    MYR 150 01/18/2022 07:18:05 AM UTC

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