Join me to make a difference by donating to a cause close to my heart!

My Story

I love animal books. I love my pet dog Buddy. My name means “Lion of God” and I roar like a lion! Instead of presents for my 1st birthday, join me to make a difference by contributing to WWF’s conservation efforts.

The mission of WWF is to ensure a future for both people and nature. WWF has been working to conserve Asia Pacific’s wealth of biodiversity for over four decades. Areas of their work include:
  • Air - Clean air starts with healthy forests. WWF protects rainforests and ensures clean air through on ground monitoring and restoration. Their efforts transform businesses in forestry-based industries towards sustainable practices.
  • Oceans - The oceans and its resources need our protection now more than ever. WWF protects ocean and coastal habitats through sustainable fisheries and the proper management of ocean resources.
  • Wildlife - The future of Southeast Asia’s iconic species hangs in the balance. WWF secures their habitats and stops wildlife illegal trade by working with governments, rallying communities and supporting anti-poaching rangers.
  • Tigers - WWF is committed to double the number of wild tigers by 2022. All 13 tiger range governments have committed to make this goal a reality.
  • Food - We will consume more food in the next 40 years than the last 8,000 years combined. The only way to ensure food security for Singapore is through sustainable consumption by consumers and businesses.
  • Climate - WWF creates climate resilience by helping communities adapt and supporting the transition to a renewables-led world. By bringing the masses together for Earth Hour, it inspires individuals to take action for the planet.
  • People - By educating the youths of today, we can change the world of tomorrow. WWF nurtures future leaders for the environment by giving youths in Singapore and around the world the skills to create positive change in their communities.
Thank you for donating generously to build a future where people live in harmony with nature, a future in which your children and I will be a part of. 

And thank you for celebrating my first year in this future!


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