Every pound you give will go towards protection, education and reintegration of children and young people living on the streets and margins of society in Cambodia and SE Asia.

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In Cambodia, parents have no legal obligation to send their children to school. And if they don't have enough money, they might choose to keep their children out of school so they can earn money - scavenging through rubbish dumps for recyclables, begging, or other dangerous areas of work.

Today I visited a slum area in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh and was greeted by a lot of small children who should have been in school but aren't - maybe because their parent is a drug user, an alcoholic, or simply doesn't understand the value of them going to school. Friends International is providing these children with remedial education so they can catch up with the school curriculum and eventually enroll in public school, while also carrying out community awareness campaigns on the importance of sending your children to school. They also provide the children with basic healthcare and make sure they're not in danger. Every pound you give will support this and much more of the amazing work Friends does in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar. Thank you!!!

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