Isaac went to Rainbow Bridge on 10 April 2022. He was rescued from HKDR in 2019 and since been a beloved member of the family.

My Story

Isaac came to our family in December 2019 as a foster dog. He was abandoned at the door steps of HKDR complete with the cage that was his home. Since then he had been inseparable from our daughter Jasmine and auntie Leizel. Since then he had taught us what love, trust and tolerance truly means. He had given us so much more than we could ever imagine, with his gentle style that tells us, chill man, take it easy! Isaac has been epileptic for the past two years. Throughout these two years we have never learnt so much about epilepsy in dogs. For a while it has been controllable until on 10 April 2022, his condition took an unexpected turn. We wish to thank HKDR and in particular Sally Anderson for her unrelenting pursuit for the welfare of dogs in Hong Kong.

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