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Let's stand up for human rights, together. Please donate to Impact HK.

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The 10th of December marks Human Rights Day and this year’s theme is Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights. As Hong Kong navigates its fourth COVID-19 wave in these cold winter months, its vulnerable communities are struggling more than ever to get by. Worryingly, the charities that work so hard to support them are struggling, too. They’re seeing an increase in demand, but they’re low on funds and resources. 

Today, we’re reaching out to you to ask that we stand up for human rights, together. In doing so, our city can recover better. Impact HK is an NGO committed to supporting the homeless in Hong Kong with friendship, food, shelter, education, employment opportunities, holistic health support and housing. In addition to the homeless, street cleaners and underprivileged seniors also turn to Impact HK for their free meal service during the pandemic.

From 10th until 24th December, please donate and we’ll match dollar for dollar up to HKD $5,000.

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