We are trying to make a difference by raising money for a cause close to our hearts. Please join with us, and together we are hoping to raise enough money to build a school for underprivileged children.

My Story

For the past few years since I have been involved in 'Internet Marketing' I have been donating every month to a number of different children's charities around the world. There are so many reasons why we should help those that are underprivileged - helping one child can impact many people in the community if they succeed in life and go on to do well.

Being given a chance in life at an early age is something that millions of children around the world are deprived of but it shouldn't be that way.

I want to appeal to my friends, family and all those in the 'IM' business to consider donating to this fundraising project I have agreed to set up with Childs Dream in 2020 to try and raise enough money over the coming years to build a school for children in an underprivileged area.

I recently met with Christin Reinhardt-Riedinger in Bangkok, and then last week I went to visit their offices in Chiang Mai where I also met Daniel Marco Siegfried and we laid out the foundation plans to do this.

Richard Fairbairn & Jono Armstrong have now agreed to help me with this project and between us 
we want to bring awareness to this plight through the Internet Marketing community.

Myself and Richard will be donating between 1-5% from all our launches in 2020 to this cause.

I already personally donate a small amount every month to Childs Dream, but with the help of my friends and associates I'm hoping that this project called 'IM Helping Children' will be able to make a huge difference in 2020 and beyond.

You can see Childs Dreams urgent funding needs here

You can also see the Impact Report from 2019 here

In 2018 the foundation spent over $8million dollars to improve the lives of underprivileged children and the money was spent in these areas:

▪ 43% Basic Education
▪ 41% Higher Education
▪ 15% Health
▪ 1% Social Enterprise

We thank-you in advance for every single $1 or more that you can spare for this worthy cause.

Kind regards Paul OKeeffe, Richard Fairbairn & Steve Harvey

Recent Donors

  • Jeff dixon

    Best wishes

    THB 2,500 12/26/2021 06:09:30 AM UTC

  • Pål Lillejord

    Christmas gift

    THB 6,000 12/25/2021 05:23:27 AM UTC

  • Paul Okeeffe

    Christmas Donation 2021

    THB 4,647 12/24/2021 10:57:04 AM UTC

  • Tristan Broder

    May all beings be happy.

    USD 165 10/26/2021 12:17:50 AM UTC

  • Pål Lillejord

    THB 6,000 08/09/2021 07:12:57 PM UTC

  • Paul Richard & Steve

    % of profits from sales of Curation Cloud 2.021

    USD 125 06/09/2021 05:01:00 PM UTC

  • John Merrick

    USD 150 05/25/2021 05:20:36 AM UTC

  • Yogesh Bhatt

    I'm donating from the ads retargeting fees on the Curation Cloud 2.021 launch.

    USD 83 05/24/2021 02:20:33 PM UTC

  • Paul Okeeffe

    10% of my contest winnings from April 2021

    USD 100 05/04/2021 07:46:52 AM UTC

  • Paul Okeeffe

    % Of my profits from the Ultimate Traffic Boost launch in March

    USD 200 04/02/2021 05:18:55 AM UTC

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