For those who can't afford their daily costs. Please support them by donating over the resting level.

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Hello there!
We are from TARC Diploma in E-Marketing Year1 group4 students. In partnership with Savor Of Life Sdn Bhd, we are launching a fund-raising campaign titled "Hunger-Free".We chose "Hunger-Free" as our campaign title is because we hope to have no one feeling hungry during this hard time. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our main objective is to help those who are in need and as well as to raise public awareness towards fellow Malaysians who are suffering from hunger during this epidemic.

Our slogan is “Food for those who need, but not for own profit”. As this fundraising campaign being organized is to feed those who are starving out there, we believe that the amount of donations doesn't have to be a big amount since this is just a process for us to share our warm hearts with them. As every penny counts, which means it is also worthy even if it's just RM10.

If you would like to lend a helping hand to those who are in need, you can make direct donations through our SimplyGiving website. As the total amount of the donations will go directly to Savor Of Life Sdn Bhd who then will provide the necessary daily meals for NGOs that have a verified list of B40 families and neglected people.
Now is the best time to show your caring towards them and we believe a little help from everybody would create a great outcome

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