Harvard Summer School has made me a better person, and I wish for more secondary school students in Hong Kong to have such opportunities. Empower talented students with underprivileged backgrounds and see how we transform our lives with your help!

My Story

Every year, Harvard Club of Hong Kong supports underprivileged students with aspiring qualities to take a course in Harvard Summer School. I was very fortunate to receive this support in 2020 and attended the summer course in 2022. But without your donation, this may come to an end.

In this trip, not only have I studied Computer Science in a systematic manner, but I have also found a newborn passion in supporting community projects. Seeing how friendly and helpful the people I met in Harvard were, I joined Cambridge Local First as a way to return favor. Over the summer, I have provided free technical support to over 10 local businesses about SEO and website analytics. I was also involved in another project in Memphis to develop an algorithm which merges paths of different ridesharing passengers into a same ride. This way, people in need, such as disabled people and elderly, could get their rides more conveniently. These precious experiences may then guide me to run local community projects, which can benefit my own community as well.

Since I had barely participated in social projects before this trip, I could really feel the impact Harvard Summer School has brought for me. Yet, as the COVID-19 pandemic came, Harvard Club of Hong Kong stopped receiving funding and is in a financial difficulty. Without financial support, talented students can no longer receive such life-changing opportunities. These are students who have world-changing ideas, but not getting the chances they deserve due to underprivileged backgrounds. These are young leaders who need an opportunity to unlock their vast minds of ideas, but not having it until this very day! 

We need your help to reinitiate this meaningful project. Together, we empower the future leaders!

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