"Caring, Charitable, Cherish". With these 3Cs, we hope you could consider providing us support, big or small, in healing the people in need at MMC Hospital. Gathering all the help we can, could go a long way. Rest assured, it will all go to a good cause. Sincerely, all of us, from DEMY1S3G1.

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We, DEMY1S3G1, are involved in a Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism assignment. 🫂 Gathering an dedicated and ambitious team, with a optimistic leader, our goal is to raise funds in support of Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital and make a difference in healing cancer patients. 🤝 We, as a team, will strive to reach our goal in doing our best to help MMC Hospital. MMC Hospital is a not-for-profit association that offers affordable cancer treatments for patients that are less fortunate. 🥰
We hope that you will join us in helping MMC Hospital by donating cash for this cause. Any amount is gratefully appreciated by all of us. Thank you for your generosity and we wish you all the best. 🙏
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我们,DEMY1S3G1,参与了一项公民意识和志愿服务任务。 聚集了一个敬业和雄心勃勃的团队,以及一个乐观的领导者,我们的目标是筹集资金支持米里亚姆山癌症医院,并在治愈癌症患者方面有所作为。 🤝 作为一个团队,我们将努力实现我们的目标,尽最大努力帮助 MMC 医院。 MMC 医院是一家非营利性协会,为不幸的患者提供负担得起的癌症治疗。 我们希望您能加入我们,通过为此事业捐款现金来帮助 MMC 医院。我们所有人都感激不尽。感谢您的慷慨,我们祝您一切顺利。 🙏


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