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My Story

Whatsupp ! This is Kai Ni, a 20-year-old gurl~

I'm a virtual volunteer for Cat Tales, a collaboration project between AIESEC in Penang and Cat Beach Sanctuary. As one of the kindest hooman in the world, I'll be fundraising for our furry friends to make a change on their lives. I'm here to gather love and happiness of all of you, and spread it to our lovely furry kids !

So, would you help me to achieve my goal by donating just a smol~ amount of money ?

  • You will receive a "non-virtual thank you card" by donating a small amount of money
  • Or maybe a simple drawing with different medias, a simple wire-gauze craft, a simple hand craved rubber stamps and clay
  • Or a cute picture of mine ! jkjk ><
  • You name it, I'll have it !
  • (as long as it's simple and cheap ! haha ^^ )

So, don't forget to leave your name, phone number and email !

  • 019-9829273

Yeah~ I wish I could get to know who is Anonymous.

Oh~ I'll cut my hair once I reach my target. Any suggestions ?


" If you can't help hundreds, just help one "

Meowy thanks !

Hasta luego~

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Recent Donors

  • NeWaY

    A small effort to help the cats!

    MYR 10 09/04/2021 06:53:35 AM UTC

  • Sunisa Chon

    hehehehehe good luckkk hooo kaiii niii I supporttt uuuu and Im really proud of u Luvv Luvv

    MYR 10 08/26/2021 12:24:15 PM UTC

  • lim wei sheng

    MYR 25 08/23/2021 04:00:24 PM UTC

  • Chua Suat

    MYR 40 08/21/2021 02:05:09 AM UTC

  • Tan Jia En

    Meow thanks meow. Keep up the good work!!! World needs love, cats need love as well uwu !!! Cat beach sanctuary gogogo!!! Wish to visit there asap ❤️❤️❤️

    MYR 50 08/19/2021 05:11:08 PM UTC

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