Challenging myself by detoxing, maybe I can help to detox the environment as well (a bit)! 2 Months worth of NO to booze, NO to meat but YES to WWF.

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Time to detox!

I want to make myself a present: detox seriously for a fresh and energized start into the new year by taking on a "hipsterary" challenge: January and February without alcohol and without meat (growing of hipster beard could be optional but may raise more donations. I think).

So 2 months vegetarian and 2 months no booze. That from a guy, who really, really loves his craft beers and good wines!
But besides for sure doing good to myself, why not trying to support the environment and take some with me on this abstinence challenge? 2 good causes in 2 months: as beneficiary I chose WWF for their efforts for the environment, the planet AND animals.
So let's see, if I can convince friends, family and others to support myself and/or to join in as well.

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