Hello, my name is Aisatou and in support of Save the Children Philippines’ 40 years of lifesaving work for and with children, I am making a pledge to do my part and help ensure that children can survive.

My Story

 I'm doing my internship at Save the Children Philippines and that is how I found out about this social media fundraising campaign! Just a quick background and history for those who may not know, Save the Children Philippines began in 1981 and continues to support local children and families. They provide health & nutrition, educational support such as school establishment, and humanitarian assistance. The Philippines is suffering from natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, and earthquakes every year, and the spread of the coronavirus is adding new challenges to Filipinos community, children especially are against many difficulties. 

 Marking this year's Save the Children 40th anniversary in Philippine, "I Pledge Save the Children'' fundraising campaigns are conducted and there are four categories: LEARN, SURVIVE, BE PROTECTED and STAY SAFE FROM COVID-19. I chose SURVIVE which is the main focus is to provide health & nutrition services for children. With the total funding of PHP 40,000 which is about $800, it makes it possible to support health and nutrition services for around 100 children in the Philippines. Please join us and spread awareness!

To all my Japanese friends & community>> Here is the translation!
こんにちは、セーブ ザ チルドレンフィリピン支部でインターンをしている愛里です。セーブ ザ チルドレンのフィリピンでの活動は1981年から始まり、現地の子供と家族を支援し続けて今年で40年目を迎えます。主な事業内容は保健・栄養、学校の設立などの教育支援、人道支援などが行われています。フィリピンは年々台風、洪水、地震などの自然災害に悩まされ、そこに新型コロナウイルスの拡散が加わり、危機的な状況に陥っています。PHP40,000、日本円で合計約9万円の募金で栄養失調で苦しんでいる子供たちの治療や感染症の予防など100人の子供の健康改善を目的とした支援を行うことができます。ご協力よろしくお願いいたします。

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