A few minutes of your time to save a life. Please give generously to the millions in need.

My Story

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

I'm reaching out personally to each of you to ask for your support in donating to the millions who need help in India. Many of us all have colleagues, friends and loved ones in India who are suffering and need our support.

KPMG Asia Pacific have arranged a fund raise with all donations going to the International Red Cross. The Asia Pacific fundraising challenge is to encourge each team member to walk/run/swim an average of 10KM per day for 10 consecutive days. KPMG has agreed to match $ for $ donations if we hit our collective target. Therefore, I've set an ambitous goal to help us reach our collective goal as a team!

If you are in a position to give would ask you to consider this as its an opportunity to help save lives. 


Recent Donors

  • Jonathan Bigelow, CDOTrends

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you

    HKD 800 05/24/2021 03:11:06 PM UTC

  • Darren Yong

    SGD 250 05/23/2021 08:13:56 AM UTC

  • Lauren Yong

    SGD 5 05/18/2021 07:38:53 AM UTC

  • Dipayan Ghosh

    Great initiative Darren!

    USD 100 05/18/2021 07:05:23 AM UTC

  • Siew San Tan

    Great initiative Darren! Cheers, Siew San

    HKD 1,000 05/17/2021 03:12:14 AM UTC

  • Mansi Joshi

    AUD 50 05/14/2021 02:02:15 PM UTC

  • Nellie Wartoft

    SGD 50 05/12/2021 03:53:33 PM UTC

  • ove mathias Lind

    EUR 25 05/12/2021 01:11:24 PM UTC

  • Grant Rawlinson

    SGD 100 05/11/2021 08:37:31 AM UTC

  • Rune Skjelvan

    KPMG Fundraising

    EUR 50 05/11/2021 07:25:46 AM UTC

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