We are final year students, trying to help autistic youths at ACP to buy a pick up truck for their transportation to and from events.

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 ‘Au-mazing People’ is a group of passionate final year students from Victoria University (Sunway Campus) who are currently taking a course unit called ABC (Applied Business Challenge) as one of our final year subjects and we chose to organize a social awareness and fundraising campaign called ‘Au-mazing Heroes’ as part of our charity challenge.

‘Au-mazing Heroes’ is a one-month campaign in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month, focused on spreading awareness and empowerment about autism to the local community as well as raising funds for Autism Cafe Project (ACP). ACP is café, staffed by autistic youth and also acts as a training ground for the specially challenged to gain skills which could help them be independent. Catering is the core business of the Autism Cafe Project. Therefore, a pickup truck will be crucial to their business, to ensure efficiency when transporting the food and catering equipment as well as transporting the staff safely.

We will also be having a campaign to showcase through autistic youths modeled in ACP’s official T-shirts and their handmade accessories. Donating to this cause, you will be helping autistic youths working at the café.  You would also be helping to raise awareness of autism to which most of the general public is still blind. You can donate any amount of your liking but if you donate RM150.00 and above you will receive free goodies from ACP’s official products such as T-shirts and bracelets. 

How to receive free goodies from ACP:
Step 1 : Donate RM150 or more 
Step 2 : Come to Publika on the 27th or 28th of April 2019
Step 3 : Show us the screenshot of your donation
Step 4 : You're done! Enjoy your free goodies! 

For more questions, you can email : [email protected]

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    God bless

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    I'm happy to be a part of this move. May this be a blessing many out there. God Bless ❤

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    Good luck

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