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They say raising a child requires a village. When that child is autistic they require everyone's help and support. Every child has a special gift that is waiting to be set free into the world. Unfortunately not every child has that opportunity and sometimes when the child is on the autism spectrum and who's family is not financially able then that window of opportunity is even smaller. The IDEAS Autism Center (IAC) works tirelessly to give autistic children from B40 families that opportunity and we want to help them raise the funds they need by supporting their Children's Day Fund Raising Campaign. Please help us to help IAC to reach their fund raising target.

IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) is an early intervention initiative that offers a full-day service of quality care, therapy and education for autistic children between three and nine years old who come from underprivileged families (bottom 40%). Our ultimate aim is to support the students to get into the mainstream primary schools by the age of nine. Parents from low-income backgrounds with autistic children have almost no access to specialised care and therapy sessions due to high costs. Most parents are unable to provide early intervention care which is crucial in helping their child to adapt to life’s daily challenges. On top of that, the inability to pay for external care, usually means that at least one parent has to stop working to care for their autistic child, increasing the financial pressures on these families. 

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