The Harvard Prize Book Scholarship has greatly inspired me and will continue to serve as a significant source of motivation for me. We need your support to let more students benefit from this meaningful program!

My Story

As the 2020 Scholarship Winner, I am grateful for being granted the valuable opportunity to broaden my outlook through studying at Harvard Summer School 2022. The scholarship has not only served as a recognition of my efforts and vision, but also motivated me to pursue my dreams with courage and explore new opportunities.

Having experienced the impact of the scholarship on me, I have been inspired to influence more youngsters like myself using my own experience and knowledge gained as a pre-clinical medical student. I have been participating in various initiatives involving the promotion of scientific research, voluntary services and medical education after the past summer, and am looking forward to further developing myself into a more knowledgeable and compassionate individual to make greater contributions to the society in the future.

That is also why I sincerely hope that the Harvard Prize Book Scholarship can be continued to empower more aspiring leaders, broaden their horizons, and amplify their strength to make a greater impact on the society. Your support for this fundraising project will therefore be significant for transforming the lives of promising youngsters and investing in a future world of possibilities.

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