Hope lights the way in the darkness of cancer

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Hi everyone! We are Diploma in Human Resource Management Year 2 students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT). We will be organizing an online fundraising project for this semester. The duration of this fundraising project is from the 21th of March until the 24th of April. The purpose of this campaign is to support people living with cancer to have an opportunity to prevent, detect, treat, and survive cancer. Besides, this donation will be donate for Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital. We help people get through cancer. Your donations make it happen.

Recent Donors

  • Seline Jing

    MYR 10 05/02/2023 05:24:26 AM UTC

  • Zia Ling

    MYR 10 04/02/2023 01:33:31 PM UTC

  • Zhi Khang

    MYR 20 04/01/2023 08:18:56 AM UTC

  • raymond loke

    MYR 50 03/30/2023 02:39:49 PM UTC

  • Kelly Lim Siew Gaik

    MYR 10 03/28/2023 06:28:46 AM UTC

  • Tan Tzeng Yeng

    MYR 10 03/27/2023 04:17:58 AM UTC

  • Teoh Thai Lee

    MYR 50 03/25/2023 07:04:58 AM UTC

  • YingLoo Lai

    MYR 14 03/24/2023 02:04:45 AM UTC

  • Ch'ng Chin Seng

    MYR 10 03/23/2023 06:43:20 AM UTC

  • Alvin Kwek

    MYR 10 03/23/2023 06:40:42 AM UTC

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