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Help us bring goats to Crossroads!

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With the donations received to date, we have been able to get the initial work done to get the pens ready, and we have just welcomed three baby goats! Vincent van Goat is a 7 month old boy; Sock and Salva are 4 month old sisters. 

At Crossroads, we love to showcase ways to help people in need. Goats do just that! As part of a new development that will include a global adventure and education play space for children, we plan to have a goat enclosure that will help highlight just how impactful, and wonderful, goats can be to bring help and income for those in need.

Quite amazingly, our site in Tuen Mun (a former barracks) has a disused animal pen. Over the summer months, teams of people have helped clear decades of fallen trees, jungle and vines that had overtaken the animal pens. Although in excellent condition themselves, the pens needed fencing to be repaired, damaged roofs to be replaced, and a new gate installed. Would you like to help us with these expenses? 

Why Goats?
Goats are strategic in helping to reduce poverty across the globe. They are hardy animals and can cope with a wide variety of extreme environments. They are more resilient to drought than other animals, and are much cheaper than cattle. They can breed twice a year, so a goat herd can grow quickly. Being easy to care for, goats are often looked after by children. They provide a family with nutritious milk and helpful fertiliser. Goats give health to a family. Goats give education to a family. They bring hope.

Materials and labour to install new roof: HKD25,000
New fencing: HKD27,000
New gate: HKD5,000
Lighting, improved water access and security camera: HKD1,000
Three goats: HKD8,000 (Discounted price)

TOTAL: HKD66,000

Anything raised over this amount will be used for goat feed and to help construct the goats’ ‘day pen’ in the play space area.

Recent Donors

  • sylvia bowman

    GBP 250 09/03/2021 04:30:07 PM UTC

  • Adele & Keith Heny

    Looking forward to seeing the progress of the goats.

    HKD 800 08/26/2021 04:40:57 AM UTC

  • t oe

    HKD 1,700 08/23/2021 12:09:16 PM UTC

  • Meagan Ho

    AUD 25 08/18/2021 07:03:19 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    EUR 100 08/06/2021 08:17:55 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Love the initiative and explanation. Even makes sense to a city slicker like me!

    AUD 100 08/02/2021 06:52:26 AM UTC

  • Sioned Ralph

    HKD 400 07/29/2021 01:00:10 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 730 07/28/2021 09:56:51 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 7,000 07/28/2021 05:07:37 AM UTC

  • Sue Sue

    AUD 100 07/26/2021 01:51:15 AM UTC

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