Living in a first world society, we want to remember the underprivileged amidst us and encourage the spirit of giving because we truly care. We will be doing our best to run, walk and raise funds for DOT and Singapore Cancer Society. Thank you for your support :) God bless you. Together we can, Singapore! #ReachforGreat

My Story

“Being able to raise awareness and garner funds for DOT and Singapore Cancer Society while running the race daily with my girlfriends is an AMASING cause to transform lives through the little things we choose to do!” - Alice 
“I want to make an impact to show support for both women (DOT) and cancer patients!” - Medelynn
“To do my part to help show support for cancer patients, women and my friends!” - Angeline
“As a cancer survivor, I know the struggle the cancer patients are going through and I want to use this run to help them and to further bond our friendships, with one objective.” - Shirley
The iconic all-women’s run, Great Eastern Women’s Run (GEWR), returns on 29 October 2023! As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to give back to our community, Great Eastern Financial Representatives and staff are raising funds for two charities, Daughters Of Tomorrow and Singapore Cancer Society, supported by Community Chest. Donations of S$50 and above made via SimplyGiving are eligible for tax deductions. Donations made via SimplyGiving will be channelled to Community Chest. Community Chest will designate all funds raised equally between Daughters Of Tomorrow and Singapore Cancer Society. Tax deductions will be processed by Community Chest. 

Our Beneficiaries

Daughters Of Tomorrow 
Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a local charity seeking to empower women by supporting them to achieve meaningful employment and financial independence for their families. Recently celebrating its 8th Anniversary, all funds raised for DOT will go towards supporting underprivileged women in their back-to-work journey.

Singapore Cancer Society
Established in 1964, Singapore Cancer Society is a self-funded social service agency which provides patient care services to patients in need through its cancer treatment subsidies, welfare, rehabilitation support programmes, and hospice care. In addition, the Society also provides free cancer screening services and promotes cancer awareness and prevention through its public education and community outreach programmes.

Recent Donors

  • Thomas Aw

    See you at the end of the race

    SGD 188 09/30/2023 01:10:01 PM UTC

  • Chan Fook Seng Stephen

    SGD 50 09/30/2023 12:11:29 PM UTC

  • Ang Jinxiang

    SGD 50 09/30/2023 11:54:47 AM UTC

  • Yoon Yee Sarah Fong

    SGD 100 09/30/2023 10:25:47 AM UTC

  • LI LIAN wang

    YOU ARE AMAZING ALICE!!! FIGHTING 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ cheering for you & your team 🙆🏻‍♀️

    SGD 50 09/30/2023 10:21:35 AM UTC

  • Alice Mia Joo

    “A journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step.” May this be the start of a spreading fire burning in the hearts of many to love and give more. ❤️ May God bless us all!

    SGD 188 09/30/2023 09:43:12 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    SGD 500 09/30/2023 06:37:25 AM UTC

  • Douglas Hudson

    SGD 100 09/30/2023 04:48:43 AM UTC

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    SGD 250 09/30/2023 02:29:41 AM UTC

  • Sin Wee Low

    Jia you!

    SGD 50 09/30/2023 02:11:47 AM UTC

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