I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Cancer affects many of us.

It's always my aim and action plan to be able to contribute within my capacity to help.

This August/September, I will be self-supported cycling for 2 weeks around peninsula Malaysia covering a total distance of 1500 km. It would be much easier to just go ahead with the expedition but why not take this opportunity to help the needy. I hope to raise MYR 5,000 for National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Please support me in my cause by making a donation. All the donation via this portal goes directly to NCSM and all the expenses for the preparation and journey will be borne by myself.

Recent Donors

  • Ang Siew Eng


    MYR 50 09/18/2019 02:28:45 AM UTC

  • Kwee Xin Si

    MYR 50 09/10/2019 01:14:35 PM UTC

  • Su Teck Yeo

    MYR 50 09/09/2019 10:47:19 AM UTC

  • Li Erh Chiang

    MYR 50 09/09/2019 10:40:57 AM UTC

  • Gwek Kwee Phua

    MYR 50 09/09/2019 12:09:15 AM UTC

  • Bee Yong Tan

    MYR 100 09/06/2019 06:48:22 AM UTC


    MYR 100 09/04/2019 02:46:59 PM UTC

  • Lim Juat Lean

    MYR 200 09/02/2019 10:32:36 AM UTC

  • Chee Wah Tan

    MYR 100 07/03/2019 01:45:31 PM UTC

  • Grace Lim

    MYR 500 07/01/2019 08:40:09 PM UTC

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