“Giving is not just about making donation, it is about making a difference” Hello everyone, we are Furry Rescues! Currently, we are organizing a fundraising campaign for SPCA Penang. Please don’t hesitate to join us to make a better world for them! We sincerely thank you for your support!

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We are students that are currently studying Diploma in International Business Year 1 Sem 3 from Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology Penang Branch (TARUMT). We will be organizing an online fundraising campaign during this semester from March to May 2023 to raise funds for 5 different non-profit organizations. These organizations are listed as below:
  1. Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital 
  2. SPCA Penang 
  3. St. Nicholas Home 
  4. Kechara Soup Kitchen 
  5. Pertubuhan Pembela Kucing Pulau Pinang 
More information about the 5 non-profit organizations: 
1. Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital
- It aspires to bring God's healing presence through the best and affordable cancer treatment and care for the needy.
- This year they are hosting a charity dinner on Apr 15, 2023 and the minimum for 10 people at a table is RM3500.00.

2. SPCA Penang
- A temporary animal shelter to provide proper care for sick, injured and abandoned animals until a home is found.
-  News reported that several adoption centers are struggling and are in serious need for an upgrade.

3. St.Nicholas Home
- A non-profit organization which aims to provide education, training and employment opportunities in a caring environment, thus empowering blind and visually impaired persons to fully participate in society.
- It is still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic.
- It also offers courses for the patients there.

4. Kechara Soup Kitchen
- A non-profit organization which aims to serve the homeless and marginalized communities of all races and religions in Malaysia.
- They have provided 3 programs aimed to provide assistance to the most vulnerable people in the community.
  • Soup Kitchen: provide food, welfare aid, job placement, shelter, basic medical service for the homeless since 2008
  • Food Bank: redirecting surplus food away from landfills and dry food to marginalized communities 
  • Empowerment: Kechara Soup Kitchen Empowerment Program is an initiative to provide skill set for single mothers and at-risk women
5. Pertubuhan Pembela Kucing Pulau Pinang
- An organization only for abandoned / stray cats.
- Its mission is to make Penang free of stray cats.
- It has been selling crafted goods as a donation for the organization.

Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much. Don’t be hesitant in showing your support towards our fundraising campaign. We sincerely appreciate any donation and support! 

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