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We are 9 Taylor's University students from various courses located in Subang Jaya. We are helping House of Of Love (Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih). It was founded in 2012 by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pang, along with seven committee members of varying professions.
House Of Love is a children's shelter for orphans, abused, abandoned, and neglected youngsters. Their mission is to provide shelter, tender care, and love in a loving family environment, as well as to promote the children's physical, spiritual, mental, social, and educational well-being.
 At House of Love, these disadvantaged children reside in a home-like setting with a live-in parent or nanny. The house in Klang began operations with four children. Currently, House of Love is home to a total of 28 children and 8 permanent staff members., the primary purpose of our assistance is to reduce their financial burden and enable them to assist more orphans. Raising public awareness about the importance of aiding orphans in need is also one of our goals. We would also like to provide an opportunity for everyone to contribute to society.  Furthermore, funds will be distributed to House of Love in full.  Our goal is to raise RM 1,500.00. Every single donation was really appreciated. Thank you so much for the contribution!

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