Let me introduce myself. My name is Fong Heng Andre and I am a winner of the 2020 Harvard Book Prize. It is saddened to know about the news that due to the current pandemic the Harvard Club of Hong Kong has financial difficulties in continue organizing the Harvard Book Prize in the future. As a former winner of this award, it is certainly a pity since this award has been helping legions of secondary students thriving on their studies as well as assisting them to pursue their dreams over the past few years. Finalists can even grasp the opportunity to attend a summer exchange program in Harvard. Consequently, as former Harvard Law School successful alumni and current United States senator Elizabeth Warren mentioned in her 2021 Harvard Law School graduation commencement speech “Have courage, because life is fragile; Have courage, because our nation and world need you”, I earnestly hope that everyone of you can help raise funds for this project so that more and more students can be benefited through this remarkable academic journey with a view to accomplishing their goals. On the whole, I firmly believe that with philanthropic donations to support this project students can dream big and make dreams come true in the rosy future.

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