I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

I stumbled upon a news about a boy in high school dropping out of high school during the pandemic because he had no laptop to carry out online classes. It broke my heart that a common tool of learning such as a laptop was inaccessible to some of us. This is why I started this fundraiser. In conjunction with my volunteering in the Speak Up volunteering program, I hope to make a small difference in people's lives

Recent Donors

  • Rachel Gan

    Good cause! Good job

    MYR 300 01/13/2022 11:23:09 AM UTC

  • Chi Zhau Han


    MYR 30 01/11/2022 12:31:04 PM UTC

  • Poh Gan

    So proud of your big heart! When you walk out of your ‘self’ and your mind, you can be happier and bring joy to others!

    MYR 300 01/11/2022 09:48:35 AM UTC

  • Elise & Elisa

    MYR 60 01/10/2022 06:52:30 AM UTC

  • yan bin

    MYR 10 01/09/2022 05:08:46 PM UTC

  • Wong Hero

    MYR 50 01/09/2022 06:00:42 AM UTC

  • Chong Kc

    MYR 50 01/09/2022 05:41:22 AM UTC

  • Cynthia Yee

    MYR 88 01/08/2022 01:25:56 PM UTC

  • Brandon Fong

    Keep up the good work man

    MYR 20 01/08/2022 03:00:11 AM UTC

  • Cynthia Ong

    MYR 80 01/07/2022 05:30:06 PM UTC

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