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My Story

I was  adopted from HKDR in May this year, shortly after my predecessor the Big G crossed the bridge. My hooman was so sad but she knew she shouldn’t wait cos there are many unwanted senior out there. I was  chosen cos I was relatively small and I had one eye only. My hooman loves broken little ones so I sort of qualified (really can’t compete with Big G for that kind of unique & devastated look). When I went home, my hooman “discovered” I was way bigger and fatter than my brothers. Haha, I took advantage of my big bum and bullies my way into this family. Btw, I was placed in cage for 8+ years to produce puppies. My legs are now crooked cos i couldn’t stretch them in that little cage. I’m free and I’m so happy now. Please adopt. Don’t buy.

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  • Suzanne Kong

    Yay! Fat Mamma...go go go....

    HKD 600 11/23/2018 01:16:40 PM UTC

  • Angela leung

    HKD 600 11/17/2018 01:25:41 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 1,000 11/12/2018 12:13:00 PM UTC

  • Natalie Chui

    Support support~donate don’t shop!

    HKD 1,000 11/09/2018 12:21:01 PM UTC

  • Freda Chan


    HKD 1,000 11/08/2018 07:03:07 AM UTC

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