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Help us make a difference as we support mental health in Hong Kong! EY is joining other corporates to create a positive impact to the community and society by bringing our teams together and challenging ourselves to an 8-hour charity spin – testing our physical endurance and resilience.

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At EY, our purpose is Building a better working world – for our people, for our clients and for our communities. We can only do this by putting wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. As we adapt to change during the pandemic, there is a growing realization that the COVID-19 response is well and truly a marathon rather than a sprint. In the face of this ‘change marathon’, we are challenged to tend to our personal wellbeing – mental and physical – in a way that supports endurance and resilience, and builds our capacity to adapt to the changes ahead. 

We are pleased to support Mind HK – a local mental health charity – to promote and support the destigmatization and transformation of community mental health care in Hong Kong.  

Together, let’s make a difference! 

Recent Donors

  • Edelman Hong Kong

    HKD 1,000 11/05/2021 09:04:12 AM UTC

  • Martine Yip

    Go team!!!

    HKD 200 11/05/2021 08:53:24 AM UTC

  • Agnes Chan

    Support EY Spinners

    HKD 25,000 11/05/2021 08:35:15 AM UTC

  • Jasmine Lee

    Feeling proud of the EY team! Doing great charity work for the benefit of our community. Special thumbs up for Peter - our fso leader - you are a fantastic role model for all of us! 👍🏻👍🏻😀

    HKD 3,000 11/05/2021 08:35:04 AM UTC

  • Paul Ho

    HKD 1,000 11/05/2021 08:34:23 AM UTC

  • Peter Picton-Phillipps

    Well done EY Team - great commitment and it was a lot of fun for a great cause!

    HKD 5,000 11/05/2021 08:27:42 AM UTC

  • Peter Telders

    HKD 1,000 11/05/2021 08:23:59 AM UTC

  • Mary King

    Well done, Ellie; great job! x

    HKD 250 11/05/2021 08:15:19 AM UTC

  • Louisa Kung

    Go EY Spinners!

    HKD 200 11/05/2021 08:14:05 AM UTC

  • Ellie King

    Let’s smash this!!

    HKD 500 11/05/2021 08:06:51 AM UTC

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