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Help women earn!

  • 07/03/2019 - 31/12/2019
  • Thailand
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About Event

Mother´s Day and Ramadan this month are your opportunities to make a difference! Use this opportunity to help us empower thousands of women and girls in Asia and the Pacific.

How you can make a difference?

Every dollar makes a difference. Take a look at how your donation will help:

  • $30 can support a migrant woman to access important legal information
  • $75 can deliver a leadership programme for young women
  • $150 can provide financial literacy and business training for single mothers, allowing them to run their business independently

Fundraise for us:

Support equal opportunities for women by starting your own fundraiser! Organize an arts exhibition about women’s issues at your school or office, a concert at your favourite pub, a lecture about gender equality – there are no limits to your creativity! Share your event or project on social media and let the world around you know why they should support your fundraiser.

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About us:

UN Women works across Asia and the Pacific to support women and girls who are most in need - we believe in a world where women and men are equal and no one is left behind! We work to empower women through education, rights based approaches, skills building and building communities that support women to succeed. But we need your help as we still have a long way to go to achieve SDG 5 - Gender Equality.

  • Up to one in two women has experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner in the last 12 months in countries across the region.
  • 1 in 3 women are married or in a union by the age of 18 in South and South-West Asia.
  • Women and girls spend as much as 11 times more of their day than men and boys on unpaid care and domestic work, including cooking, cleaning and collecting water and fuel.
  • Gender gap in employment is increasing in Asia and the Pacific. In the region, women are much less likely to be in the paid workforce than men and are over-represented in informal and vulnerable employment . 
  • Women have less access than men to financial services and productive assets, including land, capital, agricultural extension and training, and information technologies.
  • Women earn less than men for the same work even when they have the same abilities and experience.

One way to address these issues is to empower women and increase their economic opportunities. UN Women supports:

  • Entrepreneurship: Promoting women's business ownership, microfinance efforts and financial markets
  • Asset-Building: Boosting economic empowerment through women’s land rights and property ownership
  • Financial Literacy: Increasing women’s financial know-how and providing training
  • Better Jobs: Improving wages, working conditions, labour standards, benefits and training opportunities for women workers
  • Skills building: Ensuring women and girls possess the right skills for future jobs

When women are empowered and earn an income, they invest back into their families and communities. This is good for families, communities and economies.

This May, support UN Women’s life-changing work.

UN Women relies entirely on voluntary financial contributions to sustain its work to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Let’s make gender equality a reality, together.

Who are you helping: 

In the historical town of Banepa, Nepal, 35-year-old Sulochana Timalsina runs a little shop, half of which is a grocery store and the other half a beauty parlour. The two units share a single space with different purposes for her clients, but one single purpose for this young entrepreneur – empowerment.

“Five years down the line, I hope to turn this place into a full-fledged beauty parlour. With houses mushrooming in this area, I am positive that my business will flourish,” she says, sharing a secret. “I am aware that I can seek investment any minute now, but I won’t. I want to save up and open a parlour with my own money – a 100 per cent-personal investment.”

Timalsina currently earns a monthly income of NPR 16,000 (USD 140) from her business and is able to save 5,000 rupees (USD 44) per month.

Also, as president of a local business association for beauticians in Kavrepalanchok District, she says it is very important for women not to depend on their husband’s income. She says there are many opportunities for women out there: one just has to be prepared to grab them and use them to one’s advantage for financial freedom and growth.

Timalsina has been running a parlour and a store side-by-side for a few years now, but says her life took a turn after she participated in the 12-day Gender-Responsive Entrepreneurship Development training implemented by Vocational and Skills Development Training, UN Women’s implementing partner.

“The programme opened my eyes,” says Timalsina. “It not only taught me the importance of entrepreneurship, but it also shined light on how a business can be sustained with discipline and how it can flourish with ownership, leadership and focus.”

This May, support UN Women in helping more women like Timalsina.